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How Long Do I Have to Work For to Collect Unemployment in Alaska?

Alaska has a very simple and basic way to determine whether a worker qualifies for unemployment compensation or not. Further, the definition for what qualifies as an employer in Alaska is also very simple. There is no minimum amount of time or wages an employer has to meet in order to qualify.

The state uses the Flat Qualifying Amount (FQA) method. Within the base period, you have to earn at least $2,500 to qualify. You also must have worked during at least 2 quarters of the base period.


To determine your eligibility, follow this model:

Did you earn at least $2,500 within the entire base period?

■        your base period earnings > than $2,500

  1. Did you work in at least 2 quarters of the base period?

■        # of quarters you worker in BP > than 2


If you answered yes to both questions, you qualify for unemployment insurance in Alaska.

Alaska does not offer extended or alternate base periods.

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