North Carolina Unemployment Information – Benefits, Eligibility etc.

North Carolina UC (Unemployment Compensation) benefits provide temporary compensation to individuals who fulfill all the eligibility requirements of North Carolina Law. North Carolina Employment Security Commission administers the unemployment insurance program in accordance with the Federal guidelines.


Here are some of the basic requirements for collecting the unemployment benefits in North Carolina:

  • You must have worked in North Carolina. The Employment Security Commission is responsible for publishing requirements for time worked and wages earned during a specific time period, also known as the “base period.”
  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own. The North Carolina Law defines it very clearly that you should not be unemployed as a result of quitting your job or being rightfully fired.
  • You have to file ongoing claims. Moreover, every question related to your continued eligibility should be responded to properly.
  • Any earning from work has to be reported.
  • You have to report any job offers you get during the claim period.
  • The reasons for unemployment must be reported accurately
  • You must be ready and willing to work
  • You must register with the Division of Workforce Solutions, North Carolina.
  • You should be actively searching for a new job
  • Meet any other eligibility requirement of North Carolina Law in order to get the unemployment compensation benefits

The applicants for North Carolina UC benefits must have worked for an employer who paid into the NC unemployment program. Moreover, the applicants should have received wages in at least two quarters of the base year.

Eligible individuals should also have earned at least 6 times the average insured weekly salary throughout the base year. The exact duration and amount of unemployment benefits are determined based on info provided by the claimant.

The Employment Security Commission uses a term “base period” for determining if you are eligible for the benefits or not. Normally, a person has to work for first 4 of the total 5 quarters, which indicates that if a person worked for no less than twelve months out of sixteen, he/she is eligible for the benefits.

How to apply

You may file for unemployment benefits in North Carolina online or by phone. If you wish to file by phone, you can call 1-877-841-9617 any day of the week. You may file online here.

There are 3 steps that are needed to be taken in order to receive unemployment compensation in North Carolina.

  1. You will have to register with the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions
  2. You will have to file a claim for every calendar week of UC benefits you request
  3. You need to seek a job actively during the weeks for which you claim unemployment benefits

Before you begin the application process, make sure:

  • You should collect the name and address of the employer you last worked for.
  • The dates of your most recent employment need to be reported. You can do it easily by collecting W2s and pay stubs.
  • Be prepared to show and prove that your unemployment is not your fault.
  • Do not forget to keep any written notification of your termination, layoff, or severance that you might have received.


Filing an appeal against your determination decision is fairly simple in North Carolina. There is no required form. Your letter of determination will state where to send your appeal to. If you have any questions and are unable to reach the office stated on your determination, you may contact:

Appeals Section
Division of Employment Security
Post Office Box 25903
Raleigh, NC 27611-5903
Telephone No.: 919-707-1060
Fax No.: 919-733-1228
E-Mail Address: des.public.appeals@nccommerce.com

For more information on appeals, you can review this FAQ.


North Carolina UC benefits are usually based on the earning of an individual during the base year. Generally, North Carolina benefits range from $45 to $476 a week. Moreover, these benefits are subject to Federal Income taxes. You are given the choice to withhold taxes from your unemployment check.  You can estimate your potential benefits amount here.

You can claim unemployment benefits in North Carolina for up to 26 weeks. The duration can be increased or decreased by the state depending on the general economic circumstances.


If you are looking for further information, you can visit the official website of North Carolina Unemployment Security Commission at www.ncesc.com.

NCESC Phone number


DES mailing address

P.O. Box 25903
Raleigh, NC 27611-5903

DES central office

700 Wade Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605

Weekly certification phone number


Appeals Inquiry



For online registration visit the following website:




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