Maryland Unemployment Information – Benefits, Eligibility etc.

All unemployment claims and issues in Maryland go through the Division of Unemployment Insurance in the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. Unemployment insurance is funded by employers and it allocates money to those who are unemployed through no fault of their own. They must also be ready, able, and willing to work.Seal_of_Maryland_(reverse).svg


To be eligible for unemployment in Maryland, you must be able, ready, and willing to work. You also must have worked and earned enough during your base period. The base period is the first four quarters of the last five calendar quarters. If you are not eligible using the standard base period, you may use an alternate base period. The alternate base period is the last four completed calendar quarters. You will have to contact the claim center to ask for an alternate base period. The claim center may contact your past employer to determine why you were let go.

If you are approved for unemployment payments, you then have to review your Determination of Monetary Eligibility, form DLLR/DUI 212. This includes information on any employers you had during your base period and the money you earned during this time period. This will list your weekly benefit amount. Benefit amounts range from $50 per week to $430 per week. You may also receive an additional $8 per dependent child, up to five children. You may collect unemployment payments for up to 26 weeks, and then you have to wait until you have earned enough money to qualify again.

To qualify for ongoing unemployment payments, you must be actively seeking work. When you request your weekly payment, you may have to produce a list of jobs you applied for. You need to keep a log of this information for each job you apply for/ask about: date of contact, name and address of employer, name and title of person contacted, phone number and e-mail address of employers contacted, type of work applied for, how contact was made, whether the resume/application was accepted, and the result of the job contact.

Everyone who receives unemployment in Maryland must register with Maryland’s One-Stop Career Center System. You can enroll in person or online.

How to Apply

Filing an initial claim is the first step to receiving unemployment benefits. You will need your full name, social security number, address, telephone number, information for your dependents, and the name, payroll address, telephone number, and reason for separation for all employers that you have had in the previous 18 months.

You can file online at Maryland Unemployment or via telephone. The telephone number you call depends on which area you are calling from.

If your initial claim is approved, you will have to file continued claims for each week that you are unemployed. You cannot file for the week until Saturday. After the initial week of payments, you file once every two weeks. You may call Telecert or you may go on the web and use Webcert to file your continued claims. Continued claims must be filed within 14 days of the last day of the most recent week for which you are requesting benefits. Late claims will not be paid. If you file your continued claim properly, you will receive a seven digit processing number that serves as proof that your payment is being processed.

Partial Unemployment

If you are receiving unemployment insurance payments and you work part-time, you may still be able to claim partial benefits. For each week that you request payment, you can earn up to $50 without it affecting the amount of unemployment you receive. However, you must still report any amount under $50 that you make. When you report earnings, your benefits will be adjusted appropriately.

Appeal Process

Your request for unemployment insurance payments may be denied. If this happens, you will receive a Notice of Benefit Determination that explains why your claim was denied. If you disagree with the decision, you may appeal it. You must file your appeal within 15 days of the day that you were denied benefits. Appeals must be mailed to the Appeals Division and signed by the person requesting the appeal. Your employer may also appeal if you are given unemployment insurance benefits. You may need to attend an appeal hearing.

If you are filing an appeal, you should still continue to file continued claims. If you win your appeal and you have not filed continued claims, you will not be paid for that time period.


In the event that your initial claim is approved, you will receive a Notice of First Benefit Payment Approval and Mailing of Your Prepaid Citibank Debit Card. Your first payment has been approved; further payments must be approved through continued claims. Within seven days of the notice, you should receive a Citibank debit card that is loaded with your first week of payments. You may request that Citibank deposits your benefits into your account instead of onto a debit card. To do this, call Citibank at 1-800-582-4910.


Find your claim center

File an initial claim online

File an ongoing claim online

Claimant Information Service

410-949-0022 for people calling from Baltimore or out-of-state

1-800-827-4839 for people calling from Maryland but outside of Baltimore

Address for appeals

Appeals Division

1100 N. Eutaw St. Room 505

Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone number for appeals


Sign up for Maryland’s Career Center online

Find your career center

37 Comments to “Maryland Unemployment Information – Benefits, Eligibility etc.”

  1. I loss my job from 06/15/16

  2. James Hood says:

    What if you have been working 6 days a week (for over a year) getting between 28-35 hours per week and suddenly you are dropped to 2 days a week with only ten hours Would you be eligible for partial unemployment for the difference between 10 hours and the 28-35?

    • Absolutely. You also have grounds for a quit due to material change in terms of employment, get full benefits, and search for a better job. Otherwise, if you continue to work at reduced hours, MD will allow you to keep $50 of your GROSS part-time earnings and deduct the remainder from your weekly benefit. At present, Maryland’s maximum weekly benefit is $430. Your high quarter earnings determine your weekly benefit.

  3. Andrew Petry says:

    I have been trying to get ahold of a human being for 2 weeks now to help me with my claim. Everytime i call to do telecert it says im trying to file a claim for week ending 12-5. and i wont go any further. when i try to speak with someone it says no one is avail and try back later. i have been unemployed now for almost 4 weeks and need to get some money coming in. i would like to keep my house. Please contact me asap at my email

  4. Lynn Moore says:

    If you get fired from a job that you have been workin at for 15yrs, and if I get unemployment, Can it be transferred to another State. If I move durin the time of gettin unemployment will I still get it?

    • You absolutely can continue to claim benefits from Maryland – even if you move to another state. Notify Maryland of the change of address. Continue to claim benefits through the State of Maryland website. Continue your work searches in your new state.

  5. M. F. McDougal says:

    I worked for a company for TWO week, I quite because when I saw the first check I was dazed because no taxes were deducted. I investigated and learned, when time for me to file taxes in 2017 for 2016; I would be responsible for paying IRS Federal taxes, Sate axes, Fica and even “self employed” taxes. I supplied the gas in my vehicle, mileage on my car, wear and tear on my car.
    It would have boiled down to me getting paid per hour a substantial amount less then what I was receiving.

    I still have my f/t job, but with very few hours. When I worked those two weeks, I did not file unemployment so I LOST the opportunity to file because now I do not know If I can file a claim or not.

    • Yes, you can file. An endeavor where you pay all taxes is self-employment/independent contractor. It is NOT a job. If you still have the full-time job, but are no longer getting full-time hours, apply for MD unemployment benefits because of these reduced hours. Do not report that two-week stint as a part-time independent contractor. It is not relevant. MD will establish a claim on the basis of your work history over the past 15-18 months. MD will allow you to keep $50 of your GROSS part-time earnings and deduct the remainder from your weekly benefit. At present, Maryland’s maximum weekly benefit is $430. Your high quarter earnings determine your weekly benefit.

  6. Joyce Rimback says:

    If you were terminated while on short term disability, can you still file for unemployment

    • Absolutely, you can file for benefits. It is very common for employers to discharge people on disability and FMLA. MD will establish the claim on the basis of the discharge, assuming there was no misconduct.

      MD will pay benefits, however, only if you are Able and Available – which means you are searching for and able to accept full-time work.

      If you are still disabled, open the claim NOW, and begin claiming when your doctor says you are fit to return to work. MD will want medical evidence from your doctor that you are, in fact, A&A.

  7. How long does it usually take to receive your first payment or card after your initial filing for unemployment? And how do you know if you have been approved to receive benefits? Does the letter stating that the amount you will receive indicate your approval?

    • No, the letter stating that the amount you will receive does NOT mean an approval. The circumstances of your job loss determine how long to approval. If you were discharged/fired, MD will interview you and the employer to determine there was no misconduct. Generally, if an investigation is necessary, you probably won’t be receiving an approval and benefits for at least four-five weeks.

  8. Nick says:

    I have been waiting for unemployment for a while my last employer was security in which i  worked full time for about 5 to 6 months the contract i was working had ended without warning wasnt told by my job that i will be out of work for awhile.  After two to three weeks pass i was called to work training for three days for a site that would only be for two days a week.  My complaint thinking that i would be eligible because my position is i  am being cut from full time to part time i am losing my benefits and going from working 40+ hours a week to only working 16 hours a week, so during the time out i was seeking new employment and when i found out about the new and better opportunity with another employer so i quit.

    • Are you working now? Sounds like your security job ended, you didn’t work for 2-3 weeks, then you were called back for two days a week but have since found a new job. Please clarify exactly your status. For what period of time are you wanting benefits. Have you applied for benefits? Benefits are not paid retro. So, if you are working now and have not yet applied, MD may grant a claim, but no benefits will be paid until you are once again unemployed.

      • Nick says:

        I am now unemployed, and have been recently denied because md has states that left my job without good cause but i am trying to understand why is it not good cause to leave a job for better even if it doesnt work out

        • Because Maryland has what is called the 18-month rule which prevents payment of benefits when you quit one job for another within the past 18 months. No interviewer at the initial stages will determine whether your new job was better. That decision is left to the Appeals Tribunal. You need to appeal the denial, and prove at appeal that the new job was substantially better than the one you quit. MD claimants have been successful at appeal. So, make the effort.

  9. Kim says:

    Will Maryland award me unemployment benefits if I quit my job or take a leave of absence to care for my terminally ill brother in Texas?

    • You may be granted a claim if the quit is recognized for good cause due to compelling domestic reasons. However, you will not be paid benefits until you are again Able and Available to search for work. MD will not pay you benefits while you care for your ailing brother. You will need to assure MD that you are able to search for and accept work NOW.

  10. Melissa says:

    If your old boss threatened your life with a comment and you fearing for your life insulted her which is why the company let you go can you receive unemployment??

    • Apply for benefits citing discharge. State hostile work environment, your life was threatened. MD will initially deny benefits because employer will cite misconduct. You will need to appeal to present the exact chronology of events. Make the effort. You have a good chance of winning if you are credible.

  11. Nick says:

    Can i receive the back pay from unemployment if i recently became a part time worker

    • If you’re talking about an hours cut which already took place, the answer is NO. You can file a claim. Benefits do not begin accruing until you actually file the application. MD will determine a weekly benefit. If you continue to work part-time, all but $50 of your earnings will deducted from this benefit. In most cases, if you are working 20 hours instead of 40, it is unlikely you’ll collect more than a few dollars a week, if that. Partial benefit formulas in most states are very punitive.

      From MD FAQS:

      When you file your weekly claim certification, you must report all gross wages (all wages earned before taxes and other deductions) earned during the week in which the work was performed regardless of whether you were paid during that week. This includes wages earned for permanent and temporary work, part-time and full-time work, self-employment and odd jobs. Commission payments are handled differently. Commission payments must be reported during the claim week in which you receive the commission payments.

      The first $50 in earnings will not be deducted from unemployment insurance benefits. However, you must report all earnings, even if under $50.

      Any earnings over $50 per week will be deducted from your benefit payment on a dollar for dollar basis. Earnings are considered payment, in any form, for any work or service performed, including self-employment, tips and odd jobs.

  12. Rachael says:

    I’ve been collecting MD unemployment but I was just given the opportunity to apply for a two week, temporary position that pays well. Do I still file on webcert during those two months and will this make me ineligible for continuing to collect my unemployment benefits?

    • Unemployment benefits are paid when you are unemployed. If you file for benefits while working, you are required to report your gross earnings each week you work (not when you are paid). Full-time work or earnings equal to your weekly benefit automatically precludes payment of benefits. When benefits are not paid, the claim closes. Therefore, since you will be working full-time, you stop filing claims. When this job ends, you call MD to REOPEN the claim. MD will want to know the circumstances of why the job ended before it will resume benefits.

  13. Caroline says:

    i have just lost my job and plan for file for unemployment benefit. I am studying for my real estate license and do not expect to earn anything, once qualified, for a while. once qualified I need to affiliate with a broker on a self-employed basis. Can i still claim while I’m not earning – I intend to continue to apply for full-time jobs in my current field during this process. I also just published a website with the idea of maybe generating some consultancy work, but don’t have the time to promote/do anything with it – could this adversely impact my unemployment claim?
    Thanks for any feedback.

    • Provided you are able to search for and will accept full-time work if offered while studying for your real estate license, you should be fine. The website is irrelevant as long it doesn’t generate income and/or interfere with your job search.

  14. Questions says:

    Hi I was just wondering how to find out if you were approved for unemployment or not ?? And if you do become approved for unemployment then how long would it take to receive your card and the money on your card?? We live in baltimore md so I hope it dosent take a long time to receive your first weekly check !!!

    • Do not expect to see an approval any earlier than three weeks after you apply – and that would be only if there are no issues with your job loss, employer responded to MD’s inquiry immediately. If MD needs to investigate the separation or there are other issues, approval and payment of benefits can take much longer.

  15. king6186 says:

    I was granted unemployment benefits recently after a 10-week disqualification period. I was told to continue to file my webcert in the meantime. Will I be granted the benefits that were not given during the disqualification time period?

  16. NeedHelpASAP says:

    I recently quit my job that I was at for over 7 years. I finally got the courage after taking all of the verbal/mental/emotional abuse from my employer. Also, I was working full-time and out of the blue my employer changed my work schedule to 3 days / on call. I went from salary to a much lower hourly pay. Can I file for unemployment?

    • Your basis for a quit is the material change in employment contract – reduction from full-time to part-time, and resultant loss of earnings. Effectively what your employer did was discharge you from your full-time job and offer you new, unsuitable, part-time work. Don’t get into the harassment issue. You have grounds under federal law for this quit.

  17. Laura h. says:

    I have worked full time for the past 30 years. I want to move out west to be with family due to health reasons. Would i qualify for unemployment until i got a job or decided about disability?

    • You will need to provide Maryland with compelling medical evidence that this quit and move “out west” is medically necessary. Don’t count on benefits being readily forthcoming or quickly paid. Plan for worst case – Maryland will initially deny benefits and you will need to appeal. Even then, depending on your medical issues, you may be denied. That said, the process could take three or four months.

      Further, even if approved, benefits are only paid if you are Able and Available – searching for and fit to accept work if offered. Maryland will want proof of medical fitness, as well – either in MD or in your new location – even though you quit for health reasons. If you are too sick to work, you are ineligible for unemployment benefits.

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