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Indiana Unemployment Information – Benefits, Eligibility etc.

Unemployment info and services is handled by The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD). If by chance you are without an internet connection, you can apply at your nearest Work One Center. For information on your nearest WOC location, visit http://www.in.gov/dwd/WorkOne/locations.html.Seal of Indiana


If you are unemployed due to no fault of your own, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance. Along with that, these factors will determine whether you are eligible for unemployment:

  • How much money you earned in the base period
  • Why you are unemployed, and
  • If you are able, available, and actively seeking full-time work.
  • How much money you earned
  • Your benefit amount depends on how much money you earned while working during your base period. The base period divides the year into four quarters of three months each.

Your base period includes the first 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters before the week you file an initial claim. The wages you earned during those quarters are used to determine if you qualify for benefits and to calculate how much you can be paid. Wages from the last quarter worked will not count towards your base period.

You only qualify for benefits if you are unemployed through no fault of your own. For information regarding your separation, Indiana’s online resources and call center staff can help you understand your rights regarding employment separation.

A claims deputy within the agency’s administrative office will determine if you are eligible for benefits. As part of your application you will need to provide fact finding information or submit the fact finding sheet in addition to your paper application.

Filling out this information as completely as you can will make the application process easier for both you and the deputy. Your most recent employer may be contacted for information regarding your claim from the application. You will be sent a Determination of Eligibility, once the process is completed.

If you were fired for just cause, you may not qualify for benefits. Just cause includes, but is not limited to:

  • Giving false information on a job application
  • Knowingly breaking an employer’s rules
  • Unexcused absence or tardiness
  • Purposely damaging the employer’s property
  • Refusal to obey employer instructions
  • Reporting to work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Consuming drugs and/or alcohol on the job
  • Conduct that threatens the safety of others
  • Conviction and imprisonment for a serious crime
  • Breach of a duty you owed your employer


If you quit voluntarily without good, work-related reasons, you may not qualify for benefits. Good, work related reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Your employer unreasonably changes the terms or conditions
  • of your work,
  • Safety violations at your work site,
  • Harassment, and
  • Domestic or family violence.

Some exceptions are made for those who voluntarily leave work for other reasons.

Contact DWD at 1-800-891-6499 or visit their website for those exceptions.

How to apply

All claims for unemployment insurance benefits must be filed through their online filing system, Uplink. To make the process easy for you, they’ve made a tutorial to go along with during your application. Be sure to have the following information ready to make the application process easy for you:

  • Complete name and address
  • Social Security number
  • Personal identification (if reporting to a WorkOne Center)
  • Your most recent employer’s name and address
  • The dates you worked for your most recent employer
  • The reason you are unemployed.


If you are denied unemployment benefits, you may appeal a claim by requesting a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Some things to take note of are:

  • Your request must be mailed (100 North Senate Avenue, Suite N800, Indianapolis, IN 46204) or faxed (317) 233-6888 to the Appellate Division, or delivered to a WorkOne Center within 13 days of the mail date of the Determination of Eligibility.
  • You must include the reason you disagree with the Determination of Eligibility notice.
  • You will be unable to get information on your appeal for at least 7 days after you have filed.

The link provided (http://www.in.gov/dwd/2356.htm)will help assist in any questions you have towards the appealing process.


Indiana law requires a 1-week waiting period before payment begins. As the time continues you must regularly complete your weekly claims online at Uplink.  Payment will be delivered via Visa Prepaid Debit Card. Your benefits will be deposited to your personal card account by the IDWD for your convenience. Like a regular debit card you are allowed to withdraw funds from ATMs and bank tellers. You are allowed 1 free bank transaction each time a deposit is made on your card, while cash withdrawals from PNC Banks and MoneyPass ATMs are always free. You are also allowed to purchase from retailers directly wherever Visa is accepted.

Funds can also be transferred to your personal checking or savings account only by telephone by calling 1-888-393-5866. Be sure to have your card number and PIN available during the transaction. Each transfer takes 1-3 business days to appear in your account, depending on the deposit availability policy of your personal bank. Entering the wrong routing or account number will postpone your transfer and the funds will be returned to your debit card within 5 business days.  Visit http://www.in.gov/dwd/2355.htm to find information on ATM locations and common questions about the Debit Card Program.


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