Unemployment Trends and Statistics 2015

The national unemployment rate includes in its count more than just persons receiving unemployment insurance. All jobless persons who are actively seeking work are included, whether or not they are receiving unemployment insurance (UI). Additionally, temporarily laid off individuals are included in the count, even if they are not actively seeking work. People who are unemployed and want to work, but are not actively looking for work, are not included in the unemployment rate count.

Long-Term Unemployed persons are jobless individuals who have been searching for work for 27 weeks or more (6 months or more). The Long-Term Unemployment Count for May (of 2015) held at 2.5 million, or 28.6% of the total unemployment count. This may seem high, and it is, but at least this number is down 849,000 from last May (2014).…

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The National Unemployment Rate is 5.0%, holding steady from October's rate. This trend is expected to continue into December, declining to a forecasted 4.9% in January 2016. The number of jobless claims reaches a 5-month high, November 2015 The labor market is short 5.6 million jobs needed to keep up with the growth in labor force Unemployment insurance program marks 80th anniversary!

Youth Unemployment

Long Term Unemployment

Number of Jobless Claims Reaches 5-month High



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